Friday, November 6, 2009

Past two weeks

The past couple of weeks have been very eventful with Halloween and school. Brigden, Landen and I had the oppurtunity to go to the Pumpkin Patch for his first preschool field trip. Then his preschool had a carnival. I took Jayden out of school early to be with us for that one. Dad had a hunting trip during Halloween this year so mom got to carve pumpkins with the kids all by herself. But we did it and had a great time and also had a BLAST at Halloween together. Jayden was a wolf ninja, Brigden was a power ranger and Landen was incredible hulk. No that band-aid is not part of his costume. He really got hurt.Last night was Jaydens last night for fall ball. He ended the year with a .913 batting average, five doubles, and one triple. Pretty good for 7! We are so proud of him. He also got the first ever penmenship award for first grade last week. He recieved an award and a gift gad for $10.Pretty good for a BOY!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a.......


Finally we are getting our GIRL. We are so excited! We were not going to find out; but with me being in the profession that I was in for so many years I knew what every little part of the body was in the ultrasound. There was nothing between the legs!! YAH! She will be very spoiled from us and from my parents since she is the first grandaughter on my side! Everything else looked GREAT! She will make her debut in February. FINALLLY!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brigden bites the dust AGAIN

Well we decided to go costume shopping at Party City yesterday and this is what happens. Brigden had just got done trying on his costume and he triped and fell flat on his chin. So we ended up at Uncle Gary's office for two hours getting stitched and glued. Yes, both because it was so deep and wide. What is next for this poor boy? I hope nothing. This is his fourth set of stitches.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall League 2009

Jayden started another baseball season this month and plays until the end of November. We have decided to put him in a fall league in Gilbert since he loves the sport so much and since mesa doesn't offer one. He has done really well so far two doubles, one triple, and has even got his first double play. The coach promised the first player to get this he was going to treat to an ice cream. GOOD JOB JAYDEN we knew you could do it! What can we say this boy is a natural. His shirt says it all #1!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brigdens 1st Day of Preschool

Well Brigden started school this Monday. He goes to school three days a week this year, so I only have one child for this time! He is at Ms. Rebeccahs school again for the last year and then goes all day next year. He has 13 boys in his class so he loves it but poor teacher! Good Luck this year Brigden we LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jaydens 1st Day of School

Well today was Jaydens first day of 1st grade. He woke up bright and early and ready to go. Sometimes I think that summer is to long! Grammie surprised us all and showed up to take Jayden to his first day of school with Mike and I. Thanks for your support Grammie! He loves his new teacher. He is getting used to not having snack time and so many recesses like in Kindergarden! He did complain of having so many kids in his class. He went from having 18 in his class last year to 30 this year. I guess from all of those dang budget cuts! We love you Jayden and hope that you have an awesome school year! Mommy will miss her little helper!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beehive Camp Out

Well Mike and I and another leader and her husband and two other men went on a camp out with our beehives for the weekend. We had such a blast! Our beehives always complain that they don't get to go on hikes like the boys so we took them. They also couldn't pass their camp fire certification at camp so we help them with this also. Saturday we went on an awesome hike that was literally straight up! We got to see these indian ruins when we got to the top. We also had fun playing in the creek which had a cool waterfall at the end. We finished the day by driving to the very top of the mountain and eating lunch up there. It was a great weekend. I love my girls so much! My husband too for putting up with us for the weekend!

Mike and I at the top by the Indian Ruins

Mike and I at the creek

The view from were we were having lunch! There were also ladybugs all over the place!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What!!!! Are you kidding me!!!

Well Mike and I just found out that we are adding onto our family one more time. Yes I am pregnant again and Landen is only 17 months old! I have never had one this close before so this shall be interesting. We were pretty shocked to say the least. We were trying everything NOT to get pregnant. We both had decided that we were good with three boys but the Lord has other plans for us I guess. We are hoping that this is our surprise GIRL! I am sick but have not thrown up yet. If anybody knows me with being pregnant with my boys I threw up EVERY morning. We will be expecting this new arrival the end of February.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sonoma California Train Station

On one of the days that we were in San Fransisco we went to the town of Sonoma and enjoyed a day at their train town. They have lots of rides including a carousel, airplane ride, ferris wheel, dragon roller coaster, and of course the famous train! The boys had such a fun time especially Landen he would not stop jabbering all day.

This was a funny picture of the boys. On your train ride you get to stop at this little train depot and feed their animals and see all of their replica of the olden days. Well these replicas are child size and I just loved this one of this port-a-potty. They also had a jail, fire station, saloon, school and many more.

This was the boys favorite ride. The dragon roller coaster!

Mike and Landen chillin at the train station.

San Fransisco Trip

Well we just returned from our two week trip to San Fransisco. What a fun vacation and a great way to escape the HEAT! We surprised my grandparents; and stayed with them in there house just north of the city to celebrate my grandpas 80th birthday. We did something every day that we were there. We decided to drive this time and it was actually fun. It was a great time for Mike and I to just sit and talk for 14 hours! The boys actually didn't mind it either. Here are a few thing that we did on our vacation.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus last night, what a great show! The boys eyes were glued the whole time. We went with my mom and my sister-in-law chelsea and my nephew Rustin. We had such a great time as a girls night out. Especially that we got to be in my dads company suite! The boys loved the elephants and the HUGE cannon that shot people out of it! Before the show started we got to go down to the floor and we could touch the elephants we were so close. What a neat experience for the kids. If anyone is thinking about going this year I would definately say it is worth the money.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Landens surgery day

Landen had surgery on Tuesday for cronic ear infections. He had tubes placed in his ears to help drain the fluid that has been building in his ears. This poor kid was at the doctor every other week for ear infections and this has been happening since March. You can tell he is feeling better already! This was a picture before his surgery; I could not get one after his surgery because he was crazy with that anestesia in his system. He was screaming and throwing himself around for an hour or so! I also came home to find this egg from one of our chickens. You can see how much bigger it is than the other one. So I used it the other day and it was a double yoke! Poor chicken! Its like giving birth to two kids at once! OUCH!

Brigden got this mask from my brother-in-laws office and decided to wear it yesterday. I thought this was so funny when he was wearing while he was playing baseball with his brother!

Monday, June 1, 2009


This past week was girls camp for our stake. We had such a great time. We got to play various games which were a blast. But I can say that our ward ruled in STORM THE CASTLE!!! We were a little to competitive! Especially us leaders! We also got to rock climb and repell which were my two favorites. We also got to go canoing one day and three of our girls "fell in." It was fun being with the girls in a different setting. I love my girls so much, and ejoyed being with them. I came home very exausted from little to no sleep. But I can't wait until next year!

Meet our 2009 All Star Champ

Well Jaydens team won the league championship for Coach Pitch. We are so PROUD of you Jayden! The next day, which was the last day of school, he also brought home a straight A report card. Keep up the AWESOME work buddy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Star Champ

Jayden won his first all star game last night! Tonight we compete for the championship. GOOOO Jayden! We will post pictures and updates later. Thanks to all our family and friends for coming to support him! We love all of you guys!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baseball Season has begun

Jaydens baseball season began a couple of weeks before Spring Break and we have not braked since. This baseball stuff keeps us very busy! His last game was just last week but he made the All Star Team so now week get to start all over again. But we are so PROUD of you Jayden. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! He was the smallest and youngest to make it this year! BUT the BEST!

Nascar April 2009

We got to go to Nascar this year in April for my moms birthday. Mike has always wantd to go so I suprised him this year and we went. We had great seats and had a GREAT weekend with NO kids! Go Earnhardt Junior! Here are some pictures of him!

San Diego Zoo February 2009

On our trip to San Diego we went to the Zoo the first day. What a ZOO. It puts the phoenix zoo to shame!!! Here are some pictures of the boys and their cousin Rustin. Brigden loved to watch the Hippo!

Sea World February 2009

Sorry I have not posted for a while. We have been very busy lately and with all these new posts maybe you will see were I am coming from. So we went to Sea World finally with my family. We had such a great time. We started off the day with feeding the dolphins. What a cool experience for my boys! The whole day was just AWESOME! The boys loved the sharks and especially the Shamu show!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our trip to the cabin

We went with the Dutcher family to the cabin on Presidents Weekend. We had such a fun time. Here are some pictures of us sliding down the hill right outside of the cabin. The boys even built a tepee to keep them busy. It was very cold but a very FUN weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's finally off

Well today was the big day for Brigden to get his cast off and boy was it time. The nurse almost past out when she took it off; the smell was that BAD!!! I was suprised that he didn't even move when they had to saw it off. The noise alone scared me. We had to get another set of X-rays done when it came off and everything looks great and back in place. He also got his stitches out last week. I hope he stays in one piece for a while!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Brigden

We rented a bouncer and had all of our family and Brigdens friends over for his birthday party. It was a transformers theme party (his favorite movie). We had about 20 or more kids at one time in the bouncer but it was a great day. They bounced from about 8 this morning till about 8 tonight. It should be lots of fun trying to get them up for church in the morning. Thanks again to everyone that came it was so much fun.

Landen loved crawling around in here! He thought that he was like all of the big boys.

Brigden loves football. He wants to play for Sparky (ASU) when he gets older; so mom suprised him with a football cake! He looks like a football player already with his cast and stitches on his face.

This is uncle Tanner and cousin Rustin having a great time at the party.