Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's finally off

Well today was the big day for Brigden to get his cast off and boy was it time. The nurse almost past out when she took it off; the smell was that BAD!!! I was suprised that he didn't even move when they had to saw it off. The noise alone scared me. We had to get another set of X-rays done when it came off and everything looks great and back in place. He also got his stitches out last week. I hope he stays in one piece for a while!


Stephanie said...

seriously, I hope he stays in one peice too. He is such a cute little guy!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness, Kristi! I can't believe all the craziness you've had with sick kids, broken arms, and concrete accidents! I can relate...raising boys is quite an ordeal. Anyway, I hope everyone is on the mend and that you'll have a break from the trauma for a while :)

I haven't seen Tanner since he was practically a baby! I can't believe how old he is now.

Kristy said...

Yeah it's off! I hope that you don't have to deal with anymore serious injuries for a while. I don't think that I'm ready for Spencer to get any bigger because he is just into everything and it's only a matter of time before he's hurting himself!