Monday, September 13, 2010

I think I'm a BIG girl

Chazlyn is 6 months old now. She is becoming very active and independent! She just learned to crawl last week and is now pulling herself up on things. She just stays on her knees for now; but it wont be long until she is standing up. Were has the time gone? She is such a joy to have in our crazy family of boys! She is the happiest girl ever and loves her brothers!

Jedi Knights

Jayden is playing soccer this fall for AYSO and their team is called the Jedi Knights. Their first game they won 4-1. Jayden made two of the goals! Did I expect anything less; not really. My boys are always playing with a baseball, football or soccer ball! Brigden also had his first game but their banner was not done yet. So I will post pictures of him next time. His team name is the cheetahs. They also won 22-0! Brigden made about 95% of the goals! Just like his brother. What can I say he has a great example for a big brother! We love both of you boys and are so very proud of your efforts. Go TEAM SMITH!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dove hunting

September 1st is the date that every dove hunter looks forward too! Especially my husband. He wakes up at 4 in the morning to get to his spot and sits until a half hour before sunrise then he shoots away! Poor birds:( I still dont understand why he doesnt hunt in our back yard; we have tons because of the chickens and there feed. The boys also got to go with dad a couple of times too! They love being with dad; especially when thet get to shoot their bb guns. Anyways this is the recipe that we are trying this year on the barbecue. Looks yummy!

Soccer 2010

Both Jayden and Brigden are in soccer this fall since the city of Gilbert decided not to let outside boundaries play baseball for them this fall. They both are loving it so far. They both have a couple of buddies on their teams. Jaydens team is the Jedi Knights and Brigdens is the Cheetahs. Landen is having a blast practicing with them and playing at the playground during practices.