Friday, May 21, 2010

Newest Preschool Graduate

Brigden with great grandpa and grandma

Brigden with Great Grandpa

Brigden recieving his certificate
Brigden graduated from preschool on Wednesday. He is so excited to finally start kindergarden in the fall with his older brother. Mom is excited too! All day Kindergarden:) Only two kids to go:) Not like I'm counting down or anything.

Baseball is OVER :(

Well we just finished the regular season of baseball which was so much fun but alot of work. We had both boys in it this year so we had games almost every night; plus Mike coached Brigdens team and I was the team mom. CRAZY i know! But its over. NOT. Jayden made All stars AGAIN! We are so proud of him and we look forward to all of the all star games! Win it all AGAIN! Good job this season Boys we are so proud of both of you! This is a picture of Brigdens party. Forgot my camera for Jaydens.