Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jaydens SLL All Star Team

 His favorite position 2nd base!

Jayden made All Stars from his little league team this year! Not Surprised! Out of 400 boys he and 10 others were chosen to represent their little league and go against other little league in the east valley. What a privilege and honor it was for him! They were an unbelievable team and took 3rd out of 12 team. Jayden was able to help the team in not only fielding, but pitching, hitting and scoring! GO SUPERSTITION LITTLE LEAGUE! Way to go Jayden! We just love watching him play! Cant wait until next year. But in the mean time we will be doing club baseball and traveling with his team!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flagstaff Memorial Rage Tournament

Had the oppurtunity to go to Flagstaff for Rage Club Baseball Memorial Weekend Tournament. Had such a fun time with all the families and boys. We took 2nd overall!
 Jayden and Brigden playing together on 9u club team is so fun to watch!
 Jayden pitching in the tournament. I loved the scenery up there!
 Won 2nd Place!
 Proud PAPA!
Landen loves supporting his big brothers and is our team mascot.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Brigden is sure proud of this trophy!

Brigdens team won the championship last night and we could not be more proud of him and his team. The Dust Devils went undefeated for the
WHOLE season and won two championships for the 8u USSSA kid pitch division! This is the first team to ever do this! Brigden played second and right field. Thanks to all for such a great season! GO BRIGDEN:) !

Brigden loved Coach Dave!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Rage Family

Chazlyn playing at the ball field and cheering on her brothers!
Landen enjoying a game of his on with all his teenage buddies!
Jayden trying to steal his way home at Big League Dreams!
Jayden being the captain and telling the boys what needs to be done!
Brigden just enjoying playing on big brothers team!

As most of you know we have two very talented baseball boys. Jayden is 9 and is currently on the 9and 10u Rage baseball club team. And as of last week Brigden age 7 is on the 8u Dust Devils and 9u Rage club baseball teams. Their little league team is also starting at the end of this month; so yes they will be on three teams each. CRAZY i know. Can you say chaching $$$$! We love it though. They are both excelling so well. Brigdens 8u Dust Devil won their tournament last weekend and he got a metal and he wore it everywhere. It was so cute! Lets not forget Landen almost 4 who wants to play on his big brothers team so bad. Everytime their games are over he runs the bases. He is so fun and entertaining! And last but not least Chazlyn almost 2 loves being in the dirt just like her brothers. She loves going to all the games and cheering them on! Mike is also assistant coach and loves every minute of it. Mom just loves taking pictures and soaking in all the fun memories! I love my family with all my heart. Happy Valentines to all those we love!