Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas came so quickly this year for us. So I decided to just grab the kids before church last week and take a few pictures. So this is what we got. Not much! SO HARD with a the little ones.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Ball 2011

Gilbert American Little League Division Champs GO CUBS!

Jayden is playing with his club baseball team for the Gilbert American Little League this fall season. He really was looking forward to playing soccer with Brigden again this year; but before signing up he was personally invited to join this club team. He was so excited for this oppurtunity. After many months of practicing and about 20 games later the CUBS are still undefeated and became Division Champions last Thursday. We are so excited for Jayden and his much driven success. His main positions are pitcher and short stop. He really likes playing for coach Camarena! We are looking forward to tournament that starts next week and then ALL-STARS! WHAT A SEASON! I just wonder will it ever end! NOPE!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Pictures and UPDATE

I am finally back to the blogging world. Our computer crashed a few months ago but we have it back and running so here is some updated pictures. Chazlyn turned 1 at the end of February. Can't believe my baby girl is 1 already. She is so much fun but she sure does keep us on our toes. This girl has so much more spunk and ATTITUDE then her brothers! Jayden and Brigden played baseball this spring again. Jayden even tried out and made the minors. We were so excited when we found out he had made it. In minors you have to be 9-10 years of age and Jayden is only 8. For any of you that know Jayden though; this was no suprise; he is that GOOD! Not a mother bragging or anything! Jayden had an awesome season. He ended up liking pitching, being the catcher and playing short stop. We have him working with a pitching coach now so he will be even better for the season next year. He even got the chance to go to a baseball clinic this summer and work with some major league baseball players! Brigden was in coach pitch and played on the Rockies team. He has improved so much this year. I think it helps when you have bigger brother yelling at you from the side lines and telling you what you did wrong. Landen is just our BIG BRUTE! He wants to play so bad and loves to practice with his brothers anytime that he can. The boys ended the school season with a BANG too! Jayden ended up being the ULTIMATE MATH MASTER! He beat the principle every time that he tested against her! Brigden finally ended up in the math masters too; and they both got the CITIZENSHIP award! Go SMITH BOYS! Mike is still working a million hours for Metro Fire and for myself I am still that stay at home mom that has a million part time jobs! Still work for Family Doctors and am still the Vice President and Treasurer on the PTO board at the boys school. I love being with my kids!