Friday, November 6, 2009

Past two weeks

The past couple of weeks have been very eventful with Halloween and school. Brigden, Landen and I had the oppurtunity to go to the Pumpkin Patch for his first preschool field trip. Then his preschool had a carnival. I took Jayden out of school early to be with us for that one. Dad had a hunting trip during Halloween this year so mom got to carve pumpkins with the kids all by herself. But we did it and had a great time and also had a BLAST at Halloween together. Jayden was a wolf ninja, Brigden was a power ranger and Landen was incredible hulk. No that band-aid is not part of his costume. He really got hurt.Last night was Jaydens last night for fall ball. He ended the year with a .913 batting average, five doubles, and one triple. Pretty good for 7! We are so proud of him. He also got the first ever penmenship award for first grade last week. He recieved an award and a gift gad for $10.Pretty good for a BOY!