Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Brigden

We rented a bouncer and had all of our family and Brigdens friends over for his birthday party. It was a transformers theme party (his favorite movie). We had about 20 or more kids at one time in the bouncer but it was a great day. They bounced from about 8 this morning till about 8 tonight. It should be lots of fun trying to get them up for church in the morning. Thanks again to everyone that came it was so much fun.

Landen loved crawling around in here! He thought that he was like all of the big boys.

Brigden loves football. He wants to play for Sparky (ASU) when he gets older; so mom suprised him with a football cake! He looks like a football player already with his cast and stitches on his face.

This is uncle Tanner and cousin Rustin having a great time at the party.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should I laugh or CRY

Well here we go again. After I had posted about the boys being sick Brigden came home with this huge hole under his eye. I guess his friend who lives down the street accidently hit him with a piece of concrete. So just like the past two weekends we went to urgent care AGAIN. He got stitched up and durabond strips on to close his hole. In this picture it is a couple hours later and he is still bleeding like crazy. Heavenly Father please HELP ME!!!

Round two

So this is round two for us. We have spent the last two weekends in urgent care either due to a broken arm or someone really sick. So yesterday I got a call from Jaydens nurse at school saying that he has a double ear infection. So I called our doctor who happens to be their uncle and we had all of them seen again and now they are all on another medication. They all have ear, eye and respiratory infections. I hope this goes away SOON!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brigden on the Bosu

So I bought this Bosu at Costco to help me lose some of my baby weight and Brigden just loves it. This morning I caught him flying on it with his superhero cape and his lovely cast. We now call him the "ladies man" because his cast has girls names written all over it and either hearts or I love U along with it. What can I say he is a CUTE boy!!!

Our First Eggs

So we have five chickens and after 8 long months we finally got three eggs yesterday. Its like Christmas all over again with the boys. They get up bright and early every morning (nothing new)and go check to see if there are any eggs. If anyone wants fresh eggs just let us know I'm sure there will be plenty.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brigden bites the Dust AGAIN

Well Brigden did it again. Yes another injury. This time he has a impact fracture to his hand just by messing around on the trampoline with his brother. We had to visit an orthopedic sugeon today to see if he needs surgery thank goodness he does not. But he is in a cast for four weeks. Yea for mom trying to keep it clean and not wet!!! Although our vacation to the sand dunes had to be cancelled due to him not being able to be around sand. Mike is not to happy but oh well; maybe next month.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fishing on New Years

We decided to go fishing on New Years Day. Mike had heard that they had stocked Tempe Town Lake with like 6,000 fish so we decided to give it a try. We usually only like to fish the mountain lakes but since they are all frozen this will have to do. Brigden was the winner with catching the first fish so he gets the banana aplit from Dairy Queen. The boys also kept busy by climbing all the trees and acting like monkeys. While I on the other hand decided to walk the lake with Landen and get my exercise in. It was a great and enjoyable day by all.