Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Ball 2011

Gilbert American Little League Division Champs GO CUBS!

Jayden is playing with his club baseball team for the Gilbert American Little League this fall season. He really was looking forward to playing soccer with Brigden again this year; but before signing up he was personally invited to join this club team. He was so excited for this oppurtunity. After many months of practicing and about 20 games later the CUBS are still undefeated and became Division Champions last Thursday. We are so excited for Jayden and his much driven success. His main positions are pitcher and short stop. He really likes playing for coach Camarena! We are looking forward to tournament that starts next week and then ALL-STARS! WHAT A SEASON! I just wonder will it ever end! NOPE!

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Brimley Family said...

Hi Kristi, How are you guys?! Looks like you're staying busy!!! Your little girl is so cute!

On another note...I'm getting ready to send out my Christmas cards, are you guys still in the same house? Also, are Denise Spencer, the Julander's, the Neibaur's and Richardson's still over by you guys? I have no contatact info for any of them but would like to send all of you Christmas cards. Sorry to ask about everyone else but figured if you are in the same place you'd be able to tell me about everyone else!

Thanks a million!!!

Stephanie Brimley