Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sonoma California Train Station

On one of the days that we were in San Fransisco we went to the town of Sonoma and enjoyed a day at their train town. They have lots of rides including a carousel, airplane ride, ferris wheel, dragon roller coaster, and of course the famous train! The boys had such a fun time especially Landen he would not stop jabbering all day.

This was a funny picture of the boys. On your train ride you get to stop at this little train depot and feed their animals and see all of their replica of the olden days. Well these replicas are child size and I just loved this one of this port-a-potty. They also had a jail, fire station, saloon, school and many more.

This was the boys favorite ride. The dragon roller coaster!

Mike and Landen chillin at the train station.

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Kristy said...

Fun fun! I can't believe how big Landen is getting!