Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jaydens 1st Day of School

Well today was Jaydens first day of 1st grade. He woke up bright and early and ready to go. Sometimes I think that summer is to long! Grammie surprised us all and showed up to take Jayden to his first day of school with Mike and I. Thanks for your support Grammie! He loves his new teacher. He is getting used to not having snack time and so many recesses like in Kindergarden! He did complain of having so many kids in his class. He went from having 18 in his class last year to 30 this year. I guess from all of those dang budget cuts! We love you Jayden and hope that you have an awesome school year! Mommy will miss her little helper!


Jess said...

Dear Kristi,

It's so fun to catch up with you! Your little guy looks darling on his first day. 30 kids in the classroom seems like a ton--the poor teacher.

Congratulations on baby number 4! I'm sure it was shocking to get pregnant when you were trying everything to avoid it. But like you said--maybe this is your little girl. Wouldn't it be so fun to buy bows and ribbons, cute shoes, and dresses? Us moms of three boys can only dream! But for you--maybe not. I can't wait to find out. Good luck. Hope you pass on the morning sickness.

Kim and Adam said...

Hope you are doing good, well I guess as well as you can when you are pregnant. Hailee class has alot of kids too.

What do you mean Mike is going to miss Home Teaching us, he isn't our Home Teacher any more? We have enjoyed having him as our Home Teacher and the spirit that he brought into our home!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Yes - I think most of the classes have about 30 kids! Mallory is in the 3/4 class which has less, thankfully!

Stephanie said...

Yay for 1st grade, he looks so cute!