Monday, November 22, 2010

Cap of 2010 Soccer Season

Well soccer season has finally ended. Glad for us as parents now we get our saturdays back but the kids will sure miss it! Both boys did so well this year being their first year. Jayden was named MVP for his team. He sure was the rock for his team. He was so very fast and scored 98% of the goals. Their team ended up undefeated for the season! GO JAYDEN we are so very proud of you! Brigden did about the same. He must of scored at least 10 goals a game. The other kids just let him have the ball most of the time because they knew he was faster than them and would just score! Next fall we are planning on them being on the same team together! Watch out for the smith boys! We are all so very proud of you two and your great talent in sports!!!!

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