Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

I am so sorry that I have not posted for a while but we have had our ups and downs with my pregnancy. More downs than ups but lately things seem to have evened out and she is doing good. It has been poor mom that has been doing the suffering of course. Long story short she has decided to come a little to early and mom is left with taking lots of medicine and exams for it and now I am stuck with a weird rash behind both of my legs that is more painful than itchy from it all. NOT FUN! But here is some of our Christmas pictures. Santa gave the two older boys and WII and Landen got his first scooter, in which he calls his bike. After opening all their gifts at our house we went over to my parents and had another Christmas practically. The two older boys got these really cool remote control cars and guns and Landen got his ELMO. Marley of course got her holiday necklace and lots of treats. We hope that 2010 brings more joy and happiness to our family.

The boys with their new Wii from "SANTA"

Landen and Dad with ELMO!

Marley with her new necklace!


Brimley Family said...

So you've been put on bed rest? I'm sorry. Is your baby going to be early? At least you're near the end! I hope all goes well! Looks like you guys had a nice Christmas!

Kellen said...

Aww Kristy! Sorry to hear that! No fun...
ok, so my computer is being funny and won't let me send emails out, but I can receive them so I couldn't send you my address for the shower, thought I would try commenting on your blog and see if you can get it that way! Our new address is:
5698 W Rock Ct
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
I hope that baby is nice to you these next few weeks! We miss you guys! After everything settles down with the baby we need to have you out here! Take Care!